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DR. ayoade Olantunbosun-alakija

Dr. Ayoade Olatunbosun-Alakija MD, MSc, "A humanitarian and activist for social justice, Dr. Alakija is a globally renowned authority on bridging the nexus between humanitarian action and sustainable human development. As Nigeria’s Chief Humanitarian Coordinator, at the helm of the Emergency Coordination Centre, she has served as a high-level interlocutor between state and non-state actors at governmental and intergovernmental levels. She has a verifiable track record of delivering results with a demonstrated ability to identify and troubleshoot critical and complex issues in the context of countries in conflict and crisis.

Visionary leader and strategic thinker spearheading the Nigerian led humanitarian response and action for post conflict reconstruction, human redevelopment and rehabilitation. Sought after international expert on world class programming, resource mobilisation, brokering partnerships and catalysing action where required. High level global connectivity augments incomparable convening power for pioneering Private+ Partnerships between national, international and local actors. Spearheaded the first nationally driven and Nigerian led National Conversation on Bridging the Humanitarian – Development – Peace nexus held in June 2018 and the Nigerian Nexus Reliance Strategy (NNRS) in consultation with the World Bank.