The annual Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH) Conference provides a forum for established and emerging leaders from across the global health community to meet and work together to advance gender equity in health leadership, and to improve health for all. The vision for the conference is for women around the world to find their voices, receive leadership training, and gain a sense of community and inspiration.

Achieving today’s complex global health goals requires more diverse and inclusive leadership talent. Leadership diversity drives innovation and improves outcomes, yet leadership positions in global health are still overwhelmingly dominated by men: women comprise approximately 70% of the global health workforce but only 25% of senior positions and 5% of top leadership positions. Too often the careers of women with skills and talent stall at middle levels of leadership.

Melinda Gates’ video greeting at the inaugural conference at Stanford University speaks to women and men across all these convenings: “This conference is about unraveling the complex, sometimes invisible systems that undervalue women…It’s about building new platforms from which women can lead.”