WLGH19 welcomes the Gairdner Foundation as the conference Silver Sponsor

We are delighted to welcome the Gairdner Foundation to this year’s Women Leaders in Global Conference (WLGH19) as silver sponsor of the two-day event. Gairdner shares in our ambition of advancing global health equitably, and has recognized and rewarded excellence in research impacting human health from over 35 countries around the world. Aligning with the mentorship opportunities WLGH19 will offer up to its attendees, Gairdner’s work also focusses on inspiring the next generation of health professionals through a variety of successful outreach programmes.

Dr. Janet Rossant, President & Scientific Director of the Gairdner Foundation, says about the conference:

"The Gairdner Foundation is delighted to partner with the WLGH 2019 Conference in recognizing, convening and celebrating women leaders in global health. The John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award is a world leading prize for scientists making significant impacts in global health. We are committed to increased equity, diversity and inclusion in all our activities and look forward to ongoing alignment between the missions of WLGH and the Foundation.  Together we can help open opportunities for all individuals and communities to contribute to the health of humanity." 

We look forward to celebrating diversity in global health with Gairdner on 9-10th November in Kigali, and with their help, supporting the global health community in the pursuit of excellence.

Follow Gairdner’s incredible output and prestigious award schedule on their website, and keep up to date with their latest updates on Twitter Instagram @GairdnerAwards.

Laura Wotton