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Florence Akiiki Bitalabeho

Dr. Florence Akiiki Bitalabeho (MD, DTM&H, DPH, DHSM, DOH) (Education background) is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Global Health Equity. Dr. Bitalabeho is also proud to also lead a dynamic team as PIH/IMB’s Head of Medical Education and Training. Dr. Bitalabeho has over thirty years of experience practicing and teaching medicine in the Africa region and internationally, developing training and supporting training in HIV/AIDS management based with the World Health Organization in Geneva for 8 years. On the pre-service front, she and her team at PIH/IMB work closely with the University of Rwanda in the innovative health education that trains the next generation of health care providers to be responsive to the health needs of the Rwandan community, providing quality health care and striving for health equity and social justice. On the in-service side, she collaborates with IMB programs, both clinical and non-clinical, to develop high-impact capacity-building strategies, systems, processes and tools.