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Adey Tilahun Techane

Adey is an urban health extension professional, working in Hawassa city, Ethiopia. Growing up in a different city, she went to Hawassa and got her college diploma as a clinical nurse in 2008 and later trained to be a health extension professional. While working as a health extension professional, she continued her education and got her BSc degree in clinical nursing in 2016. 

With the emphasis of serving women, Adey provides health services at a household level. She also reaches her clients at schools, youth centers and other community based institutions. Among these are the Women Development Armies (WDAs) playing a significant role in reaching women by women themselves.  Working with the community for nearly a decade gave Adey experience on what their needs are and how they express it. She got recognition from the city administration as the best health extension professional performer, which encourages her to give more to the community she serves.